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Question 1 : Are your products made in the USA?

Answer : 100% Made in the USA since day one. It's not an option.  It's who we are!

Question 2 : How should I wash my shirt & apply my stickers?

Answer :


  • Turn the garment inside out
  • Set wash temperature to cold
  • Line dry or tumble dry low
  • DO NOT BLEACH or dry clean them


  1. Apply the sticker to a clean, dust-free, oil-free, texture free, flat and moisture-free surface.
  2. After application, press the sticker down with a clean cloth to maximize the sticker’s ability to stick to the surface and avoid air bubbles.
  3. Make sure that the sticker is applied correctly the first time. With every reapplication, the sticker’s ability to stick will decrease.

Question 3 : What type of printing process do you use for your apparel?

Answer : DTG printing ( direct-to-garment)

Designs are printed directly onto the garment and absorb into the fabric. This creates a long lasting print at it's highest quality with the brightest colors.

Question 4 : How tough are your stickers?

Our stickers have a dual layer material combination, printed with an ultra high resolution digital printer and feature permanent adhesive vinyl with an optically clear outer protective laminate.  Our stickers are engineered to withstand abrasion, UV damage, cold weather, chemicals, road salt and will stick and last 6-8 years outdoors when properly applied to a clean solid surface.

Question 5 : How long will it take to ship my order?

Answer : (Apparel) Shipped within 5-10 business days, depending on the product type and availability. Usually received within 2 weeks

                (Stickers/ Decals) Shipped within 2-4 business days and usually received within a week from ship date. Orders are sent by USPS. All orders over $25.00 received a tracking #.

Question 6 : What is your Return Policy?

Answer : We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your order, email us for a full refund or exchange. We aim to make sure you are happy and continue to earn your business. 

*Merchandise must be undamaged with original tag intact to receive a refund or merchandise exchange. Must be done within 14 days of receiving your order.

Question 7: Will I receive a tracking # for my order?

Answer : Yes, ALL orders over $25.00 receive a tracking # once the order ships. A tracking # will be sent to your email. To check the status of your shipment by going to  (USPS Tracking ) and add your tracking # in the blank field box.

Question 8 : Do you ship outside the United States?

Answer : Unfortunately we currently do not ship outside the states.

Question 9 : Can L&S Designs custom design a shirt or logo for my department/ organization?

Answer : Unfortunately, we discontinued our custom order program, as we did not have the resources to maintain it. Once we restart the program we will make an announcement. L&S Designs does not take on freelance projects.

Question 10 : Who comes up with your designs

Answer : The CEO of Lights N Sirens Designs is also our Creative Director. All designs start on paper and then are enhance in the computer.  Designs are inspired from the job and the environment that we live in. 

Question 10 : Who is the CEO

Answer : The CEO of Lights N Sirens Designs is an active member for the Baltimore City Fire Department. The CEO has over 15yrs plus of designing and marketing. This company was created as side hobby to destress from the job and to have an art outlet. With your support it has turn into the mega house as you know as now.

For any other questions please email us at: lightsnsirensdesigns@gmail.com or DM on Instagram.

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